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Is a trademark registration valid worldwide?

There is no registration that can protect your trademark on a global level. As such, it is important to register your trademark in the countries which you have targeted for expansion to ensure maximum protection in your points of export or commercial interest.

What is a patent?

A patent is a right granting you the exclusive use of an invention, whether it be a product or a process, for a period of 20 years, preventing third parties from selling, distributing, or using it commercially.

However, to be considered a patent, the invention must be novel, i.e., must not already exist on the market when it does not form part of the state of the art; it must involve an inventive step not being obvious to a skilled person in the art; and it must have and industrial application.

A patent is an intangible asset, being a source of profit that can be sold or licensed.

What is the difference between patents, utility models, industrial designs, and copyright?

  • Patents only protect those inventions which are not obvious to an expert in the field. Utility models, on the other hand, also encompass those inventions which provide a technical or practical advantage.

  • Patents have a long, demanding, and expensive registration but they are internationally recognized and last longer. The protection period varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but can last up to 20 years with an annual renewal. Utility models have a faster, cheaper, and less demanding granting process. However, they have a shorter protection period (this also changes according to the jurisdiction, but can last up to 10 years) and are not recognized in some countries.

  • Patents protect inventions’ technical characteristics, while industrial designs focus on aesthetic aspects, such as the lines, contours, colors, texture, or materials of products ranging from clothing to mobile phone parts.

  • Patents protect innovations with an industrial application, while copyrights cover scientific, literary, or artistic works (such as paintings, movies, songs, scientific articles, etc.)

The domain I want is already registered! What can I do?

If the domain is already registered, you can always attempt to buy it from the current owner via our Domain Acquisition, or you can reserve the domain so that we can try to acquire it once its validity period expires. However, if you prefer, or if you need to complete the process quickly, you can also consider alternative domain extensions, such as ".co", ".us", or ".biz", among others.

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