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Júlia Alves Coutinho, IP Legal Consultant

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Júlia Alves Coutinho, IP Legal Consultant

Legal Consultant for Intellectual Property at Inventa International and one of the members of the Portugal and European Union Department. Provides support to Portuguese and foreign clients in the protection and maintenance of their IP assets in these jurisdictions, ensuring that all procedures before the National Institute of Industrial Property and the Institute of Intellectual Property in the European Union are under national and European legislation.

Due to her vast academic background and professional experience, Júlia draws up legal opinions on copyright and related rights, trademarks and designs, as well as carries out availability trademarks searches with a legal opinion. Also, she acts in the Administrative Litigation of the Institutes through the writing and presentation of procedural documents, counseling the most suitable Intellectual Property strategies to clients.

Within her professional qualifications, the practice of law in a law firm specializing in Copyright and Related Rights in Brazil stands out.

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