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Do you suspect or have knowledge of your product being counterfeited?

With an experienced and qualified team to conduct the most rigorous market research, Inventa offers you an expert anti-counterfeiting service that involves:


Development of the best methods for the legal defense of your products against any counterfeit attempt.


Suggestion of the best practices to better implement the existing laws, and the management of any seized property in conjunction with the local authorities.

Damage Evaluation

Assessment of the extent of any infringement and the estimation of any possible damage.


Indication of pre-litigation strategies involving digital notifications, or cease and desist or negotiation letters to reach a resolution as amicably as possible.

Be Careful

The more successful your business is, the higher the tendency to counterfeiting!

We all know cases of trademarks, both new and already established on the market, that have had their products pirated in a way that compromised their success and commercial value.

This not only results in a loss of clients but may also strongly affect the profitability of a business.

These and similar cases should serve as an example of the need to protect your products against any counterfeiting attempt.


Stay one step ahead of counterfeiting

Sometimes, the registration alone of your Intellectual Property may not be enough to ensure the maximum protection of your trademark, patent, or design. Staying one step ahead of counterfeiting will ensure the full protection of your Intellectual Property and help prevent piracy from strongly affecting the success of your business.

For this reason, there are various preventive methods such as pre-registration of your products in customs, regular visits to places where counterfeited products may be sold, defensive trademark registration, among others.


Inventa’s anti-counterfeiting services follows these steps:

Your questions

Our answers

Counterfeiting is a term usually used to describe the production and illegal sale of products protected by the intellectual property law, by using an identical or similar product to one already registered. Basically, it is a crime that, in addition to being illegal, may result in a serious decrease in commercial value or a loss of profits to trademarks, patents, or designs already registered, greatly compromising their success in the market.

The first step to combat the counterfeiting of your products is to register your industrial property. Inventa recommends, particularly in countries where counterfeiting is more common, that product owners consider registering their rights in local customs, according to the current legislation. This will ensure regular inspections of containers and shipping ports, preventing the circulation of any potentially counterfeit products.

In addition to anti-counterfeiting measures to a trademark, it is obviously essential to ensure other aspects that may help in defining intellectual property and educating the public about the dangers of "commercial piracy". An effective marketing and packaging strategy is usually a good starting point to help protect your mark and your products.

The fight against piracy and counterfeiting is one of the most aggressive corporate battles, so Inventa understands your concern for the safety of your IP. This is why we invest in the qualification of our teams to guarantee maximum protection for our clients’ businesses and we implement various creative strategies and practices throughout the world. By conciliating highly-effective legal strategies with protection mechanisms based on local laws, we believe that we can provide the best solutions to ensure the full protection of your rights.

Inventa works every day with anti-counterfeiting solutions and targeted services. We are able to help our clients to prevent and eliminate this threat, granting the highest level of protection to their products. To do so, we develop and implement highly-effective strategies against the counterfeiting of products and against legal countermeasures, always focusing on the protection of your rights and, of course, the profitability of your business.

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