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Copyright helps protecting your work!

Did you produce an artistic work and want to protect it from unauthorized use? Copyright ensures maximum protection of your original works - they only need to be fixed in a tangible medium of expression, without the need to publish them. Copyright protects all your artistic, scientific, and literary works, such as books, music, movies, technical publications, software, databases, architecture projects, magazines, and newspapers, among others.


Why should you protect your work?

After creating an original work, an author obviously wants to protect it against any in unauthorized or wrongful use. This concern is even greater in today’s digital age, where any work can be disclosed (and easily copied) on the Internet, often making it difficult to prove ownership in piracy situations.

This is why, after protecting and registrating your original work, it becomes easier to solve the problem of plagiarism and ensure your rights by easily proving the originality and authorship of a work. Moreover, copyright registration simplifies the process of licensing or transferring your property to someone else if you ever wish to grant third parties the right to use your work.


Trust Inventa to register and manage your copyright!

Most countries offer copyright deposit systems and Inventa is fully qualified to handle all the bureaucracy inherent to this process. We have a department which is highly specialized in copyright, and which is able to manage the entire registration and formalization process. This involves everything from reviewing your work to make sure it is ready to be registered to advising you on the best protection strategy for your work and, finally, how to file a registration application.

After filling an application with the responsible institute, they will verify whether the requirements have been met and issue a notice of registration.

Your questions

Our answers

Copyright is essentially legal protection provided to authors for the original works they create, invent, or develop, whether this be a painting, photograph, poem or novel. Regardless of the nature of the work, if you created it, it is yours and copyright exists to guarantee you exclusive authorship.

Copyright gives you the exclusive right to reproduce the work, prepare it for distribution, or publicly display or perform it. However, it does not protect ideas, findings, principles or methods, short phrases, or trademarks and technical inventions.

Copyright registration, although voluntary, is highly recommended. It both protects your rights against possible third party attempts to copy your work and helps to prove a work's originality and authorship.

If you intend to distribute the published work or if you will receive any monetary gain from it, you must get the author’s permission. However, our copyright department is fully qualified to help you get the proper authorizations to use, for example, music or literary works.

By using the registration of your work, knowing its limits, and contacting specialists in copyright, which is us. When displaying your work, you should always use the © symbol before its name.

In this case, you will be able to contact us so we can develop the best strategy, while opting always for the most amicable routes.

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