Inventa International issues opinion on the reform of the Angolan IP Legislation

July 13, 2017

Due to the discrepancy of the Angolan legal framework with the needs of an efficient protection system, the current Law on Industrial Property, approved February 28th, 1992, is outdated in relation to the advances occurred in the global Industrial Property Systems. Today, technological innovation represents the economic segment that has grown the most and has greatly contributed to the economic development of countries. As an example mentioned in the draft’s reasoning, the largest companies in the world are in the field of information technologies, for example Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook. They represent a strategic area for economic development, claiming for the adequacy of its protection system.

Therefore, the need for a reform of the Angolan Law has arisen, as materialized in the Preliminary Draft of Industrial Property Law, in order to adapt the legal framework, for the protection of these rights, to the successive changes in the socioeconomic reality.

Inventa International, as a company specializing in Intellectual Property consultancy, namely in the protection and internationalization of trademarks, patents, industrial design, copyright and domain names, has issued a legal opinion on this Preliminary Draft, analyzing its main features and making the necessary considerations about the feasibility of the changes proposed.

Our Angolan Office will be keeping you updated regarding any news regarding changes to the local IP Law.


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