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Suspect that your trademark is being used by others?

If this is the case and you wish to confirm that your trademark is being used by others, you should begin by performing a trademark use investigation, thereby ensuring that your exclusivity rights are not being infringed. Inventa can help you throughout the entire trademark use investigation process.

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What is a trademark use investigation?

A trademark use investigation analyzes the local activity of your trademark. In other words, we monitor how your trademark is being used, sold, or distributed in the field, regardless of having been registered or not.

The trademark use investigation is a service developed by Inventa that ensures you maximum control over the rights conferred by your mark. It allows you to perform a continuous follow-up of any infringements that may be taking place against it and makes it easier to define a strategy and legal measures to respond to situations of counterfeit, imitation, or illegal use of trademarks.

Our use investigation service can also be useful in order to find out whether a trademark that you intend to register is already being used in the market and in the eventuality that you intend to argue the cancellation of a trademark registration, due to non-use.

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A trademark use investigation is, as we have seen, a strategic mechanism for protecting your Intellectual Property. Inventa can provide that service for you with the maximum degree of safety and efficacy.

Thanks to our broad network of local contacts, our expert teams, and our use of cutting-edge technological systems, we can assure you a full follow-up on your trademark. We also offer constant advice on the most appropriate responses to any problem or infringement detected.

Situations of infringement and counterfeit against trademarks that have proven to be profitable or hold a high capital of commercial interest are increasingly being detected.

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Trademark Use Investigation is one of the services provided by Inventa. It involves comprehensive field monitoring of the ways in which a trademark is or is not being used in the market, including when it is made available to the public or sold.

Whether in situations of counterfeit prevention or as a means to verify compliance with a mark, a Trademark Use Investigation is a very powerful tool. It aims to ensure that the right of exclusive use conferred by a trademark is safeguarded, i.e., that others do not violate your rights.

In addition, use investigation can be useful if you intend to register a trademark in a jurisdiction that protects trademarks that are not registered (but that are used in trade), as is usually the case in the English-speaking world, notably the United States.

Furthermore, depending on the jurisdiction, a trademark registration may expire for lack of use over a certain period of time. It may happen that you intend to register an already registered trademark. In such case, our investigation service monitors the use of the protected mark and inform you on whether it is possible to invoke non-use and proceed with a trademark application.

Inventa works with highly-specialized teams, who provide the service of managing your intellectual property and who are capable of conducting thorough trademark use investigations. We can, thus, assure you the most effective and informative use investigation possible, providing you the necessary information and identifying the best strategies to maximize the protection of your trademark.

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