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Food and Drugs Approval

What is food and drugs approval and how does it work?

Food and drugs approval is a process by which government institutions assess, test, and approve a range or line of food or drugs, including medical devices. This process involves calculating the relationship between the benefits of the approved products and the potential risks of their use or consumption.

Why is food and drugs approval necessary?

Food approval is a public health matter, which means it requires a quality, safety, and efficacy assurance check on products of human or veterinary use - the same goes for drugs approval – thus helping protect those who purchase your products. Furthermore, the food approval system helps to advance public health as it accelerates the development of innovations responsible for making food and drugs safer and more accessible.

Additionally, in certain jurisdictions a trademark application is necessary before the food and drugs are approved for marketing.

How can Inventa help me with this?

Here at Inventa, we are perfectly qualified to offer you the maximum help when contacting regulatory agencies, public health authorities, and professional associations in the industry. We support you throughout the process of introducing your products onto the market by monitoring the current regulations and local standards on making, labeling, and marketing your goods and products in these sectors.

In brief, we can assure you consulting services on the approval and the development of your products, as well as the limitations to your marketing strategy for new or generic drugs, medical devices, and tobacco products. Our team is perfectly qualified to represent our clients in front of the regulatory organizations in this sector, as we combine the acquired knowledge about this complex market with a high capacity for reaction to adversity throughout the process.

For this reason, Inventa provides a fully-dedicated and qualified team to ensure our customers the most efficient, competitive, and profitable support in the regulating and leveraging of their products. Contact us to learn more about how we can ensure maximum defense and protection for your business.

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