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Online Brand Protection

What is Online Brand Protection?

Fraud and cyber piracy cases are frequent and it is increasingly common for companies to be the target of illegal copies and practices on the internet. This is precisely where Online Brand Protection becomes essential. This is a service, provided by Inventa, which aims to continuously monitor the digital sphere to detect any infringements on your trademark and act immediately if any fraudulent or illegal practice is detected.

Why should I protect my trademark online?

The decision on whether or not to protect your trademark online is quite simple. Doing so allows you to safeguard the image, credibility, and reputation of your business. Whereas, without protection, trademarks are more exposed to attempts at piracy and illicit activities, and you are left without the opportunity to anticipate and prevent these and act immediately if they occur. Moreover, if your business depends largely or exclusively on the internet, it is especially important for you to ensure the greatest degree of protection for your rights online.

How does online brand protection work?

Inventa has developed an online brand protection service that involves the use of highly-sophisticated algorithms, maintaining comprehensive and continuous monitoring of infringements committed against our clients. If we detect something, we will contact you immediately and suggest the best strategies to tackle the problem and protect your brand image.

What does online brand monitoring involve?

Our Online Brand Protection service involves two services in one:

  1. Domain auditing and monitoring - We detect any domains that are identical or similar to yours and that might harm your business.

  2. Online content monitoring - We permanently monitor websites, digital markets, mobile apps, pay-per-click advertisements, and social networks.

Does online brand protection involve a complicated process?

Even if it does, you can leave it all to us. We are fully qualified to carry out the whole process. There are, however, some small details that make all the difference when protecting your trademark online:

  • The inclusion of an area on your website where you specify the terms and conditions for using any information made available on the platform.

  • The identification of copyrighted subject matter.

  • The use of "watermarks" on all images, indicating that they are your property.

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