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Rights Defense

What is rights defense?

These are actions developed by our patent attorneys which safeguard the exclusive rights granted to you by a patent, utility model, or industrial design registration. It aims to prevent new infringements or to halt ongoing harmful or illegal actions, which devalue the patents.

Why should I defend my rights?

Forms of protection for your industrial property can be valuable, whether in the form of patents, utility models, or industrial designs, as they grant the monopoly over its exploration. By defending these exclusive rights, it is possible to prevent third parties from making, selling, or profiting from your assets and, as a result, maintaining the monopoly attributed to you by law.

In case of an infringement how do Inventa defend my rights?

Our patent attorneys can undertake different actions on your behalf to prevent or put a stop to infringements. Oppositions allow you to prevent new patents, with similar characteristics to yours, from being granted. There is also the option of preparing and delivering cease and desist letters to infringers.

We can also prevent these infringements by contacting law enforcement, customs, and other public authorities that deal with counterfeit issues.

The most appropriate strategy for your rights defense depends on the concerned jurisdiction and on the type of infringement. This is why it is important to get in touch with our patent attorneys, so that the best approach can be defined.

In which countries can Inventa defend my rights?

With a strong presence in many countries and a broad network of partners, we guarantee your rights defense worldwide.

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