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Competition Analysis

What is the competition analysis service offered by Inventa?

The competition analysis on industrial property offered by Inventa is a strategic tool. It allows you to monitor your competitors' moves via their trademark applications in the markets you operate in or want to target. Our service provides information on your competitors that helps you to define a defensive or offensive strategy for operating, marketing, and protecting your business.

When should this service be used?

Competition Analysis can and should be a continuous service. It can be instigated during an early stage of the implementation of your business. This way, it will provide information to help you define your strategy for registering trademarks or other IP rights and to get ahead of your competitors. However, it is essential that the service remains ongoing after the launch and marketing of your business, in order to continuously monitor the competition and to anticipate situations of potential conflict.

How can Inventa be of help?

Inventa has specialized teams who use state-of-art technology in the sector to analyze competitors’ trademarks and other Intellectual Property rights. This ensures continuous and effective monitoring of your competitors’ moves, which provides your business with the maximum degree of protection.

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