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What is trademark infringement?

The violation of the rights conferred by trademarks are illegal infringements against a trademark without the prior consent of the owner. These may include counterfeit, imitation, or illegal use.

Accordingly, if any conflict arises between trademarks, it is essential to deliver legal responses. These protect the rights conferred by the trademark and put a stop to infringements where they exist, in order to prevent your trademark from losing value.

Why should I protect my rights?

Trademarks are of high value to businesses, setting your products or services apart from those of others. As such, by safeguarding your rights, you are also protecting the value of your business, which can be greatly affected by other trademarks, both registered and unregistered, that are the same as or similar to yours and, consequently, confuse the consumer and the market.

How can I protect my rights?

The first step involves the registration of your trademark. After that, Inventa will provide you a team of specialists in the field, to guarantee maximum market monitoring. Our team detects any infringements that may be considered a violation and suggest the best strategies and legal measures to respond to such illegal actions.

Thanks to its presence and partners in all major locations around the world, Inventa offers a global-scale service, providing you with a broad coverage of the rights conferred by your trademark.

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