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Daniel Reis Nobre, Managing Partner

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Daniel Reis Nobre, Managing Partner

Daniel Reis Nobre is a Managing Partner at Inventa International, role in which he has contributed for the development and affirmation of the firm in the international Intellectual Property (IP) scenario in recent years.

The firm's flexibility and ability to answer to clients' needs, maintaining the highest quality standards, in a fast paced and competitive environment, is much due to how Daniel perceives business in the global economy.

Besides his management duties, Daniel maintains simultaneously his activity at the firm as a Patent & Trademark Attorney, focusing on IP in Africa. 

Responsible for coordinating the firm's operations in Africa, Daniel has acquired deep knowledge of all IP matters in the continent, that allows him to recommend on the best approaches to protect IP assets in the region. 

Due to his background and experience, Daniel became a recognized professional within the international IP community. He is an active member of several renown international IP Associations and collaborates in different commitees, currently the Brands for a Better Society committee at the International Trademark Association (INTA).


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