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Landing page

When purchasing your domain, Inventa offers you a simple webpage, where you can briefly present your company and leave your contact details.

High-security DNS servers

In order to ensure our clients that nothing ever fails or gets lost, we work with high-speed network connections in redundant servers (Europe, United States).

Advanced Control Panel

You also get access to a Domain Control Panel to be found in our customer area, allowing you to manage/consult your websites and email accounts.

Support that actually helps

All of our accounts include services of a dedicated account manager. Get your domain now and start profiting from all these advantages, or contact us to learn more about our domain services.

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We look at domains from a different perspective

While most of the domain industry sees domains from a commodity perspective, Inventa International looks at them as assets for your brand. We offer domain services which include not only hosting, but also the resources you need to protect and expand your business online.

Cut the red tape

We manage your domains at a global scale

We are used to work with domain extensions that have special requirements. We handle the red tape so you don't have to.

Our team of experts will also be ready to help you with the configuration details and will gladly work with your IT Department (and/or outsourced services), to make sure the services you need are quickly implemented according to the best industry practices.

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Fifth Civil Court of First Instance – A new special court for trademarks in Syria

This court, called the Fifth Civil Court of First instance, will be used to hold hearings related to appeals against final refusal decisions by the Registrar, litigation proceedings with respect to infringement cases and oppositions by third parties, and cancellation proceedings, which is going to accelerate the decision making process for the above mentioned cases. Although Syria has been continously facing serious political and humanitarian problems, this new court hopes to, at least, open a democratic space with regards to trademark registrations so that new initiatives in the country can be made viable.

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