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Need to buy a domain that is already taken?

Is your business ready to be launched or already up and running but you are still looking for that one specific domain that is relevant to your mark? Whether you want to purchase a specific domain or need to contact the owner of a domain you wish to take over, Inventa can help you achieve this goal.

It is important to take into account that generic domain extensions such as ".com", can be registered by anyone - which makes it possible for third parties to register domains that may infringe your trademark and block you from the domain that has your trademark on it.

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Domains as assets

Why are domains so important?

Domains are important for a number of reasons that may not be immediately apparent:

They are in fact Trademarks on the Internet

Owning the correct domains is very important to ensure the protection of your trademark on the Internet.

They function as virtual property

Domains are often seen as "virtual real-estate". When you own a domain, that domain essentially reserves that "word space" as your property.


The acquisition of an already registered domain involves strategic decisions

Inventa is able to negotiate worldwide in more than 20 languages, at affordable prices of any budget. Therefore, our team is your ideal partner to negotiate already registered domains. In addition, on your request, the entire process can be performed with complete anonymity.

The acquisition of a domain name usually falls under one of these big groups:

Acquisition of operational domains

Concerning domains that have already been formally registered and are being used by others but that are of great interest to your trademark.

Parked Domains

Concerning situations in which investors buy domains that are not directly related to their trademark but, rather, with the expectation of later selling them at a much higher price.

Cybersquatted Domains

Situations in which domains are linked to a particular trademark and used in connection with illegal practices or illicit activities designed to damage the reputation of the trademark in question or to use its visibility to make a profit. In these situations, it’s also possible to opt for a domain dispute process instead.

Domain Acquisition


Given the circumstances, the complexity and sensitivity of this field is clear. For this reason, we ensure careful preparation of your project and we mediate the entire process. This includes the negotiation with the current owners of any domain you wish to acquire, the drawing up of transfer agreements and contracts, and the communication with all parties involved.

Your questions

Our answers

All you need to do is contact Inventa. After that, we’ll take the following steps:

  • We gather all the necessary information needed for the process (we will send you an information request with all elements we need to analyze).

  • We ask you for the minimum and maximum prices you are prepared to pay for the acquisition of your domain name, in order to negotiate the purchase or transfer within the figures available. It is important to note that this price will only be paid upon completion of the deal, with only a surcharge for the costs incurred by Inventa in the managing of the entire process.

After this, Inventa takes care of the entire process, with your constant supervision of the steps taken.

That depends on the circumstances. Inventa has a vast network of contacts and we master all the tools and technologies available to locate the holders of many private domains. Once the owner has been identified, our team tries to get in touch with them. All communication is carried out within a legal and ethical framework that protects both our reputation and yours. It is also important to note that the privacy and anonymity of our clients is protected throughout the entire process, in the same way that we protect the privacy and anonymity of our contacts and the sellers of the domains you wish to acquire. 

The duration of the process depends on each individual case. There are situations in which the deal is closed within a few days and others where it takes several weeks. However, Inventa can assure you the greatest possible speed when managing the process, always looking for the fastest way to close the deal.

For an idea of the most appropriate price for each negotiation, we always have to assess the effective use of the domain and find out if there is any associated website. In any case, the domain owner is always free to negotiate the amount he is offered, choosing whether or not to go ahead with the sale.

After the deal is completed, both our clients and domain sellers receive an email from us, informing them of all the necessary steps to transfer the domain. After the registration has been paid for, we send you more information on the processes related to the service, support, and transfers. We will be by your side throughout the entire process.

Also, if the name of your domain is registered with Inventa, our team will be responsible for the transfer process. If you register it with another company, we transfer the domain to your designated entity, who takes over the responsibility for completing the process.

Yes, but in most cases you will have to wait for a period of 60 days after making the initial transaction. The reason for this is that, according to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), domain transfers may only take place every 60 days.

Once the deal is done and the final price between you and the seller set, we order an escrow service to process the domain acquisition. After that, all you have to do is deliver to escrow the agreed amount of money, which will be retained in an account. After escrow checks the amounts, you and the seller are notified, meaning that the domain transfer process can begin. As soon as you receive and accept the domain, you notify, so that the amount you delivered is paid out to the seller, successfully concluding the purchase transaction.

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