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A domain identifies a website or any other Internet service, as well as the respective company’s email addresses. Therefore, if the domain prompts people to visit your website, then it is simultaneously your greatest online business card, transmitting a first impression of your business.

To ensure that this first impression has of high quality and impact, Inventa has developed a high-quality domain registration service at a low price.

What we offer

Register your domain with us and benefit from the following perks

Landing page

When purchasing your domain, Inventa offers you a simple webpage, where you can briefly present your company and leave your contact details.

High-security DNS servers

In order to ensure our clients that nothing ever fails or gets lost, we work with high-speed network connections in redundant servers (Europe, United States).

Advanced Control Panel

You also get access to a Domain Control Panel to be found in our customer area, allowing you to manage/consult your websites and email accounts.

Support that actually helps

All of our accounts include services of a dedicated account manager. Get your domain now and start profiting from all these advantages, or contact us to learn more about our domain services.

Why choose us

We look at domains from a different perspective

While most of the domain industry sees domains from a commodity perspective, Inventa looks at them as assets for your brand. We offer domain services which include not only hosting, but also the resources you need to protect and expand your business online.

Cut the red tape

We manage your domains at a global scale

We are used to work with domain extensions that have special requirements. We handle the red tape so you don't have to.

Our team of experts will also be ready to help you with the configuration details and will gladly work with your IT Department (and/or outsourced services), to make sure the services you need are quickly implemented according to the best industry practices.

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A domain is a set of characters that specify an IP address identifying a website, as well as the email of a given company or organization. Domains should be easily remembered and typed, increasing the number of consumers visiting the website and maximizing your profile in the digital sphere.

Although domains are not strictly necessary in order to have a website, it is highly advantageous to register or acquire one. When creating a personal or corporate website, the domain will allow your platform to be more easily remembered and accessed.

Inventa offers you an online search tool that allows you to immediately check whether the domain you want is available or not. If so, all you need to do is register it.

If the domain is already registered, you can always attempt to buy it from the current owner via our Domain Acquisition, or you can reserve the domain so that we can try to acquire it once its validity period expires. However, if you prefer, or if you need to quickly complete the process, you can also consider alternative domain extensions, such as ".co", ".us", or ".biz", among others.

Inventa offers you a complete list of the existing domains in each country, as well as their alternatives. You can consult them here.

Depending on the extension, domains must follow certain rules concerning the use of characters. You should only use letters (a, b, c, etc.), numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) and dashes/hyphens (-). Spaces are not permitted and domains cannot begin or end with a dash (-). However, you can use several dashes next to each other (for example:

A domain must be fully available before you can register it and, unfortunately, there are not yet any deadlines for the distribution of expired domains. Therefore, the best solution is to use our domain reservation service, where we inform you as soon as you can register the expired domain. You will only pay for the service if the domain is successfully transferred to you.

Each domain has annual maintenance costs, which vary depending on the type of domain and registration. Use our domain extension table to analyze the costs and convert them into your country's currency.

Payment for domain registrations can be made via credit card, bank transfer, or cash payment in one of our offices.

The waiting period varies greatly according to the chosen domain extension – a “.com” domain may only take a few seconds, but a more unusual extension can take up to several months. You can find more information on this subject here.

After the registration has been formalized and authorized, Inventa activates two DNS server delivery mechanisms, where we can set up and host your domain. Additionally, you are provided with your emails and URL, allowing you to transfer the new domain to your current website.

Your domain will be registered in your name, which means that as long as you pay due costs and meet all legal provisions, no one can use or take hold of it without your prior consent.

Be very careful when registering your domain! Once your domain has been registered and paid for, you are not entitled to refunds or reimbursements.

Domain Management

After the registration is complete, you will receive an email confirming your domain ownership. You can also access your customer area in order to confirm whether your name has been added to the domain management section.

Your domain must be registered for a period ranging from 1 to 10 years. If you choose just 1 year, you will have to renew your domain every year in order to keep it valid. If you choose a longer period, your domain will be active and valid during that chosen period.

Once the registration process is complete, you can’t cancel or request a refund, and it will be valid for the period of time you have chosen. There is no entitlement to refunds or reimbursements.

Six months before your domain expires, Inventa starts to send you a monthly email notification. We also send you a final alert email on the expiring day - which makes it essential for you to inform us if you’ve changed your email address.

Your domain will be removed from the list of registered domain servers 3 to 14 days after its expiration date. This means that all type of activity will be blocked (e-mails, storage, URLs, etc.). However, there is a grace period which lasts for 30 days after the domain expires, during which it is always possible to renew the registration by paying an additional fee set by the relevant entities. Once the 30-day grace period has lapsed, the name is removed and it becomes available for registration again.

Domain transfer

It is very simple to transfer a domain using the service provided by Inventa. Simply contact us and we will start the process immediately.

A domain transfer usually takes 2 to 3 days.

You can change the DNS at any time, but the ICANN regulation requires that a new registration can only be carried out 60 days after the previous one. After that period, you can request the transfer.

Domain reservation

If your chosen domain is already registered, all you need to do is select the domain reservation option (backorder). We will then start to monitor your domain name and try to acquire it for you as soon as it expires. This service will save you time and increase the likelihood of you acquiring the domain after it expires. It also gives you the added advantage of no associated costs or risks, as you will only pay if we manage to reserve the desired domain.

DNS, URL forwarding and IP address assignment

DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System. This is a digital service that translates domains into IP addresses. As domain names are alphabetic, they are easier to memorize. Every time you use a domain, the DNS service translates the name into the corresponding IP address - for example, if the domain is, the service will translate it to

URL forwarding allows you to redirect your domain into another location. Additionally, you can use this service if you hold several domains and want all of them to redirect visitors to the same website.

By registering your domain with Inventa, we provide a free URL forwarding service. Once your registration is complete, you can access your customer area and program the destination you want your domain to redirect to.

In these situations, URL forwarding is very useful. In this case, go to your customer area and simply update the URL to that which you want your domain to redirect to.

In this case, the domain will remain in our servers. All you have to do is enter your web host or your server’s DNS information in your customer area.

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