Animal Copyrights: a database to help endangered species

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has teamed up with Latinstock and Cheil Spain to create “Animal Copyrights”, the first Image Database whose authorship is exclusively owned by different species of animals. This initiative includes rare images from the animal’s point of view, which according to WWF, has the aim of “presenting the world from their point of view is the best way to put ourselves in their position”.

The first “authors” include an array of horses, hawks and tortoises. The images captured by them aim to sensitize us about how they live, their environment and the present threats and dangers that exist. Thanks to their photographic work, the animals in this campaign are entitled to “copyright royalties”, which are reinvested into their own conservation. Thanks to this, every time someone accesses Latinstock ( and purchases an image from this collection, they will be helping the preservation of the species.


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