Zimbabwe provides clarification on Madrid Protocol

Although Zimbabwe joined the Madrid Protocol in 2015, the protocol was not given effect since Zimbabwe failed to amend its domestic law, which is required for Common Law countries.

As a result, some doubts arised on whether Zimbabwe was effectively a member of the treaty or not, and, consequently, if international registrations designating Zimbabwe were legal.

As for 2017, all doubts have been cleared by Trade Marks Regulations 2017, and all international registrations can legally designate Zimbabwe.

Also, the opposition period for international registrations published in the Zimbabwe Industrial Property Journal will correspond to 2 months from the date of publication.

Despite this, it is still unclear whether the Registry will be able to meet the 18-month examination term imposed by the Madrid Protocol or not. If not, doubts will arise, once again, regarding Zimbabwe’s validity when it comes to being designated in international registrations.


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