New second-level domain is launched (.ke)

The launhcing of this domain is divided in 3 phases. The Sunrise Phase started on the past 23rd ofjuly of 2017 and will end on October 22nd of 2017. During this period, only the oweners who have trademarks registered in Kenya will have the right to apply for the corresponding domain names. To do that, it will only be necessary to have a confirmation letter from the Intelectual Property Institute of Kenya to verify if the trademarks are registered in the country.

The Sunrise phase will be followed by the Land Rush Phase (30 days), where competing applicants will be able to bid on domain names. After this phase, there will be the Cooling Off phase (30 days), which, during that time, the Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) will analyse whether the applicants meet the requirements for the respective phases.

Upon the conclusion of the 3 phases of the launch, the registration of domain names in Kenya (.ke) will be available for anyone to apply.

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