Cape Verde: IGQPI extends deadline to submit DIU for trademarks granted in 2013

The Quality Management and Intellectual Property Office (IGQPI) announced that deadline to submit the Declaration of Intention of Use (DIU) for trademarks granted in August 2013 will be extended until August 2019.

The deadline for DIU submission was extended by six months, in order to guarantee Industrial Property rights protection in the country, that we compromised by strong delays in the granting of Industrial Property rights in Cape Verde due to the process that led to IGQPI establishment.

Thus, trademarks granted since 2013 have not been published nor their titles issued within the time frame established by the Industrial Property Code. IGQPI has chosen to take this action to safeguard trademark owners’ rights, since the non-presentation of the DIU influences the registration’s validity.

The deadline prorogation is only applicable to trademarks issued in 2013, including the ones issued in August 2013, whose DIU’s should have been submitted by February 2019. This extension takes effect since February 26, 2019.

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