Sudan dissolved Appeal Committee of the Trademark Office

April 1, 2019

The Sudanese Trademark Office has recently announced the dissolution of its Appeal Committee.

This means that from now on, in accordance to article 16 (2) of the trademark's act, any refusal by the Registrar to register or to make an amendment, modification or limitation to a national trademark, or to an international trademark filled by the Madrid System, shall be subject to appeal to the court.


Article (16) of the trademark's act stipulates the following:

  1. The Registrar may refuse the application for the registration of a trademark or may accept it absolutely or subject to conditions, amendments, or modifications, or to such limitations, if any as to mode or place of use or otherwise as may think fit to impose subject to the Provisions of this Act.
  2. Any refusal by the Registrar to register a mark or any condition, amendment, modification or limitation imposed by him shall be subject to appeal to the Court.


This amendment has retroactive effects concerning pending cases. Cases that have not yet been processed will be rejected and trademark owners will have to appeal directly to the court.

With this change the procedure becomes more burdensome, due to the costs of litigation and the attorneys' fees.

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