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IP Assets Valuation

What is IP assets valuation?

IP assets valuation is a method in which the strength and the value of IP rights are assessed. This assessment is usually carried out before or during a sale, purchase, or licensing of an IP asset. This means that it requires expert knowledge of the legal, financial, and technical procedures in order to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks involved in an IP transaction.

How can you determine the value of an IP?

IP value depends on a number of aspects. A patent may start out as a solution to a particular technical problem but, over time, the appearance of other solutions may reduce the IP value. However, a consistent marketing strategy can guarantee the value of your assets as your trademark becomes more widely recognized and, consequently, more highly valued.

There are several different ways to valuate IP assets, however, there are also several limitations and methods which are not applicable in every case. This is because the system applied, the available information, and the purpose of the valuation are all decisive factors in the smooth implementation of the process.

What are the advantages of IP assets valuations?

The valuation is essential in certain specific contexts, such as:

  • Sale situations, mergers, joint-ventures, or other similar transactions

  • Divorce

  • Insolvency

  • Equity planning

  • IP licensing

  • Litigation processes

In any of these contexts, Inventa is fully qualified to meet your needs, with the help of a team with vast experience in the asset valuation sector.

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