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Register your trademark with Inventa International and benefit from the following advantages:

Strategic Advice

Our specialists will review the information you provide and advise you on the best strategy to increase your chances of success in obtaining a trademark and protecting your brand.

We prepare the application

We will be in charge of all the procedings related to filing a trademark application based on the chosen strategy.

Trademark Maintenance for 10 years

Inventa International keeps a close eye on every event related to your trademark.

Client Area available

We provide you a secure web based client area to manage your Intellectual Property assets.

Trademark Registration


Monitor the process from the preparation for the trademark application to its maintenance phase. Inventa International will accompany you every step of the way.


Trademark Details and Timeframes

Priority claim


Multi Class Application


Well-known Trademarks


Body responsible for non-use cancellations

IP Office

Search with legal opinion time frame

18 days

Time until registration

2 years

Opposition Period

60 days

Use requirement period

3 years


  •  Applicant data.
  •  Sample of the mark (not required for word marks).
  •  List of goods and/or services.
  •  Copy of priority document (if applicable).
  •  Certificate of Incorporation.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Certified copy of the priority document, with a verified English translation.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Deed of assignment, certified or original, with verified English translation.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Certificate of change of name, with verified English translation.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  License agreement, with verified English translation.

Remarks: All documents must be legalized up to an Ethiopian consulate.

Latest news


Presenting E-POA – Ethiopia’s Online Power of Attorney Service

We are pleased to inform our clients from the United States that a new app has been launched to revolutionize the legalization process of Power of Attorneys from Ethiopia. The Consular Office, through the website, provides an expedite service that allows applicants and agents to fill in the E-POA form, make the payment and send it to the Embassy of Ethiopia for the online legalization process in less than 24-48 hours. The app was conceived to save time and costs to both the applicants and agents and is set to modernize the system whilst having a zero-fraud rate.  The App is currently available for download for Apple and Android devices and on the website the agents can find helpful tutorials to guide themselves through the process without fuss. At the moment the E-POA service is available for the PoA issued in the United States but the system it will soon expand to countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. If you have any queries about the App E-POA, please feel free to contact us at

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