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Ways to protect your invention

Patents are a way of protecting your inventions. By filing a successful patent you will be awarded a monopoly to exploit your invention for a period of time.

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Patent Details and Timeframes

Priority claim


Substantive Examination


Body responsible for non-use cancellations


Time until registration

2 years

Opposition Period

Special Case

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Use Requirement Period

3 years


  •  Applicant data.
  •  Copy of priority document (if applicable).
  •  Patent title, abstract, description, claims and drawings.
  •  Deed of assignment, legalized.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Declaration claiming priority.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Deed of assignment, legalized.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Certificate of change of name, legalized.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Certificate of change of address, legalized.
  •  Power of attorney, legalized.
  •  Power of attorney from the licensor and licensee, legalized.
  •  Deed of license, legalized.

Latest news


Mauritius announced the strengthening of IP rights protection

Industrial Property Legislation in Mauritius is being reviewed with the aim of promoting innovation and enhancing a legal environment to be side by side with the international trends. The recently published Industrial Property Bill, takes account of the need to modify Mauritius’ IP legislation to comply with the WTO/TRIPS Agreement in order to boost the economic and social development of the country. The IP Bill also contains provisions to enforce the PCT (Patent Cooperation Agreement), the Madrid Protocol on Trademarks and the Geneva Act of The Hague Agreement on Industrial Designs. Mauritius will also be required to accede to the UPOV (Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants). The Bill covers many IP areas and rights such as patents, utility models, PCT, designs, protection of new varieties of plants and trademarks.

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