Regional Patents in Europe

Protect your invention in Europe with the EPO

EPO is responsible for granting European Patents.

The European Patent Organization was established in 1977 by the European Patent Convention, signed in 1973, Munich. The Organization seeks to strengthen the cooperation between member-states and the granting of European Patents, through a single application. The European Patent Organization is comprised by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Administrative Council.

A European Patent produces effects after it is granted without the need for additional formalities in certain member-states, while for others, translations and validations are required to be filed with the designated member-states IP Office.


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European Patent (EPO)

Patent Details and Timeframes

Priority claim


Substantive Examination


Body responsible for non-use cancellations

IP Office

Time until registration

Special Case

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Opposition Period

9 months

Use Requirement Period

Special Case

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  •  Power of attorney, simply signed.
  •  Applicant data.
  •  Copy of priority document (if applicable).
  •  Inventor(s) data.
  •  Patent title, abstract, description, claims and drawings.
  •  Power of attorney, simply signed.
  •  Patent number.
  •  Deed of assignment, simply signed by the assignor and the assignee.
  •  Patent number.
  •  Certificate of change of name.
  •  Patent number.
  •  Applicant data.
  •  Patent number.
  •  Patent number.
  •  License Agreement signed by both parties.

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