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Analysis and investigation

We’ll help you in your IP asset negotiation

We know the value of Intellectual Property rights can greatly influence the value of your company in negotiations over commercial or corporate transactions; it is essential that both parties be well informed about the Intellectual Property portfolio of the companies involved. Nevertheless, this information is not always easy to provide if you lack the necessary tools and experience in the area. This is why Inventa offers you a due diligence service that ensures your business the most comprehensive search and analysis, as well as the protection of you trademark, patents, copyright, and domain registration.

Be Aware

Do not minimize the importance of your Intellectual Property value

Imagine you want to sell your IP. In this case, the business can only be conducted after an exhaustive survey of your Intellectual Property value in order to establish which rights were granted, which of them are in effect, and which products and services are protected. Moreover, this survey helps in finding out whether there are any ongoing judicial proceedings involving these assets and how the licenses are being implemented.


Do not buy Intellectual Property assets before prior due diligence

Due diligence should also be carried out by those who wish to buy either Intellectual Property assets or companies that hold Intellectual Property rights. This is because business values will vary depending on the portfolio of the trademarks, patents, designs, or domain names and, more specifically, depending on the number, state, or purpose of these assets.

This information will allow for a detailed perception of the company's Intellectual Property value. It will help the buyer and/or seller to establish whether the Intellectual Property is a strategic force in the business or if, on the contrary, it is does not hold much importance in the industry.

Trust Us

To whom can I trust the IP negotiation service?

Since this is a highly-complex process, it is essential that you only trust a due diligence service to greatly-experienced professionals in the area. They will be able to guarantee the most accurate analysis of granted and existing rights and of whether products or services are protected. Inventa has extensive experience in the area and guarantees the survey of problems and/or substantive advantages related to your Intellectual Property portfolio, including its validity, ownership, and the scope of legal protection. We provide everything you need to make your negotiation as successful as possible.

Your questions

Our answers

IP due diligence is, essentially, an audit to assess the quantity and the quality of IP assets owned by, or licensed to, a company or individual. It is typically carried out by the prospective purchaser of the target company. It can also be of use to a seller who wants to assess the value of their IP to develop the best strategy for a future transaction, such as a business sale or licensing deal. In addition, this service can also be helpful for any owner of industrial property rights who wishes to audit their assets, regardless of the purchase/sale situation.

Due diligence is a service that can help organize and increase the potential of a business. Thus, IP due diligence is part of the portfolio audit process carried by sellers or purchasers, helping companies to increase management efficiency in this area. It provides the following advantages:


  • It helps in the identification of formal or substantive problems with IP rights.

  • It allows for timely correction of any deviations, before the implementation of a deal between companies.

  • It prevents the deal from being null and void or devalued buy the purchaser due to unidentified problems.

IP assessment is something that you can leave safely in our hands. Once the process begins, our team of specialists will plan a roadmap of your IP, which will include the information needed to identify:


  • All of your IP assets

  • The identity of the inventor or rights holder

  • The scope of protection of every right

  • The actual IP value in the market in question


This document, in addition to being an excellent strategic tool, will be highly useful in the IP negotiation - something that Inventa has extensive experience and competence in. If you want to learn more about due diligence, please contact our services directly.

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