East-Timor tolerance days-off on March 17 and 18

March 17, 2020

After an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, the East-Timor government decided to grant a point tolerance on the 17th and 18th of March in the Municipality of Dili.

This decision comes after the strong torrential rains which, last Friday, devastated the capital, left several displaced and caused property damage in neighborhoods in the central and eastern areas of the city. The request for help is made so that the majority of the population can participate in cleaning actions, however, this tolerance does not apply to essential services (security, health, civil protection, among others).

These are extraordinary measures that may accompany a possible declaration of a state of emergency in the country due to the risk of contagion from COVID-19 (requested by the Council of Ministers yesterday and awaiting a decision by the President of the Republic).

Due to the lack of legislation, Intellectual Property is protected through the publication of Cautionary Notices in recognized local newspapers. During this period, these Cautionary Notices will not be published, something that could be extended if a state of emergency is decreed in the country. The publication of cautionary notices will be resumed as soon as possible.

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