USPTO: New and reduced Office fees come into force

After consultation with the Trademark Public Advisory Committee and authorization by the Leahy-Smith American Invents Act, the United States Patent and Trademark Office proceeded to reduce the official fees required to register trademarks in the US, as of January 17, 2015.

Of the 3 available trademark application options, the one with the stricter requirements had its fees reduces by $50 to $225, while a new option was included which doesn’t require applicants to submit a pre-selected list of products/services or paying upfront. A third option was kept at $325 considering that it doesn’t require applicants to submit electronic data.

Finally, the electronic renewal of trademarks had its fees reduced by $100 to $300 per class of goods/services.

With this changes, the USPTO has the main objective of reducing fees in order to stimulate online filing, which will also hasten USPTO’s workflow, increase its efficiency of operations and costumer response.


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