Trademark Registration about to open in Myanmar: Soft opening

Rights holders can take advantage of the soft opening starting December 31st. 


Trademark right holders interested in obtaining a Trademark re-registration in Myanmar can do so starting December 31st, by taking advantage of the soft opening of the registrar which permits a preliminary filling.

This soft opening filing is a re-registration system and is available to owners of Tademarks that are registered under the Declaration of Ownership at the Registry of Deeds.

Right holders should thus meet the following requirements in order to qualify for a soft opening application:

  • Declaration of ownership
  • Legalized power of attorney
  • Cautionary notice (if published)

The soft opening period will last for 6 months before the registrar has its grand opening is due July 2020. At that time, applications will be open to all parties interested in obtaining a registration.

These changes are a result of the Trademark Law entering into force and being implemented. Before the enactment of the Trademark Law, Myanmar did not have specific Trademark Law

Myanmar will implement a first to file system. In case of conflict between Trademarks, earlier filed applications will take precedence at the time of grant.


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