IAPI joins DesignClass and expands TMClass coverage to the Harmonized Database (HDB)

The National Institute of Industrial Property of Angola (IAPI) has expanded its coverage, and since October 30, 2023, it has started to use and accept the list of terms from the Harmonized Database of Product Indications (HDBPI) in DesignClass, as well as the list of terms from the Harmonized Database for brand classification (HDB) in TMClass.

DesignClass/HDBPI allows for the searching and translation of product indications in 30 languages, while TMClass/HDB enables the searching and translation of classification terms in 37 languages.

The integration of these databases, which is related to the AfrIPI project funded by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), streamlines and expedites the registration processes for Designs and Trademarks, simultaneously promoting transparency and compliance with international standards. Angola thus demonstrates its commitment to aligning with global best practices in intellectual property matters and enhancing the business environment for investors and intellectual property rights holders.


For more information regarding DesignClass and TMClass, feel free to contact us at info@inventa.com

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