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Our company is established in a number of locations throughout mainland Africa and its islands and we are also able to act before OAPI and ARIPO, the two regional organizations for Intellectual Property protection in Africa, that between them cover 34 countries.

We also have a great deal of key contacts in countries where we don’t operate directly.

We are committed to provide our clients the best Intellectual Property services in Africa, where our offices are established in strategic locations, for more than 45 years. Our extensive experience and specialized attorneys and agents on the Intellectual Property field proves to be decisive to provide our clients and colleagues with the right response, regarding Intellectual Property protection in Africa, despite all the difficulties inherent to Intellectual Property departments in some undeveloped countries, which we manage to overcome and deliver the easiest and fastest solutions.

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Our website contains updated information about trademarks, patents and domains, including the filing requirements and necessary forms for each country. Our professionals will be personally in charge of every needed step for the proper registration and protection of your creations.


Important Intellectual Property treaties among African nations


OAPI fills the lack of national Intellectual Property laws in its contracting-states and confers automatic protection across its members with a single trademark or patent application.


ARIPO allows filing trademark and patent applications, with common proceedings, being valid across its member states.

African Focus

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Throughout the years, Inventa International has been providing the best Intellectual Property services in Africa, with a high standard of quality. One of the keys is the local presence and the understanding of each culture and the quirks of how things work in these jurisdictions.

Taking this into account, we are pleased to present our "Trademarks in Africa" and new "Patents in Africa" Booklets. These booklets contain comprehensive information regarding trademarks and patents in each African Jurisdiction.

Local Presence

Our main offices in Africa

Rua Rainha Ginga, 75, 1º Ingombota, Luanda

77 Awolowo Road Lagos

Av. 25 de Setembro, 1821 Maputo

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If you need to protect your Intellectual Property abroad, through our Global Network of offices and associates, we can make your Intellectual Property assets expand to every nation you desire, ensuring full legal protection of your rights.

If you have further questions, we would be delighted to schedule a conference call and answer any questions you may have.

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Why Inventa?

Global Network with a special focus in Africa

Through a network of local offices, including several locations in Africa, and an extensive network of associates, we are committed in delivering a global coverage with local experience.


With over 45 years of experience in Intellectual Property, Inventa International has served thousands of clients, from small entrepreneurs and startups, to multinationals holding large trademark and patent portfolios, and other entities dealing with R&D on a daily basis. Furthermore, our experience allows us to understand the caveats of the different industries, since we maintain relationships with clients from different sectors, including food and beverages companies, communications, IT, pharmaceutical, manufacturers, oil & gas companies, financial institutions, business services companies and more.

Tech drive

Inventa International recognizes that in this day and age, information management and the internet have taken over many aspects of business. To accompany the changing needs of our clients, over the last few years we have increased our activity in the area of technological infrastructures and information systems. In this way, Inventa International seeks to respond to the different demands of both the market and its clients.

Global Network

Thanks to our large network of contacts and associate level, we offer our clients a vast team of highly-specialized professionals in the Intellectual Property field and related strategic sectors. Our professionals guarantee highly-personalized and efficient accompaniment of all our services.

Local Presence in Africa

African Countries present some of the greater challenges when it comes to protecting Intellectual Property. As such, local presence is paramount to attain a high standard of quality, similar to what can be practiced in other regions. Our local presence in Africa allows us to deal with the challenges presented to us, whether it’s red tape, instability, cultural differences or language barriers. The key to our success in Africa has been the training of local technical staff and their demonstrated enthusiasm for Intellectual Property.

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